April 2018

''Alleluia! Christ is risen! The Lord has risen indeed.'' These are words we look forward to on Easter and that bring the ''alleluias'' back to the Divine Service.

The resurrection of Jesus has changed the world, and it has changed us. Yes, the world is still full of sin, but now death has been overcome by life that is eternal. In Holy Baptism Christ united us to all the blessing of His cross and resurrection, rescuing us from the domain of death and transferring us to His Kingdom of forgiveness, life, and salvation. He remains with us by His Word, and gives to us His crucified and risen body and blood. When He comes again He will raise our bodies from the dead and make them like His glorious body in which He triumphed over all things.

Christ bringing us out of the death of sin and giving us life in abundance also makes all the difference for us in the here and now. We live each day with a clear conscience through the forgiveness of our sin. We forgive each other and live in peace with one another. Our lives have direction and purpose because in whatever vocations Christ calls us, we serve others and thereby serve Him who loves us.

May the good and joyous news that Jesus has risen go with you throughout the rest of this semester, and always.

In His service,

Pastor Rick Milas

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