Our Ongoing Needs

In 2 Corinthians 8, the Apostle Paul tells of God's grace at work through the offerings people were giving. Although he deals masterfully with the subject, most people find the topic of money rather difficult to talk about in the church. Yet if we avoid it too much, we can both forget that money remains important to the church carrying out its work, as well as do a disservice to the saints who would like to contribute.

Since 1941 the Lord has greatly blessed University Lutheran Church, and this includes the Sunday morning offerings, special gifts, and generous subsidy provided by our District. Yet with all the demands on our District's budget it has become increasingly difficult for it to provide as much as it would like to all the missions it oversees. This being the case, we would like to help more with the monetary needs of our work among the growing number of students from this country, as well as from many other countries, that come to the University of Illinois and Parkland Community College.

Recognizing how the Lord gives us so many opportunities to encourage students in Christ through the Gospel, as well as to make the Gospel known to many who are unaware of it, parents and alumni often ask how they may help with this work. So we want to let you know that if you would like to contribute to the monetary needs of University Lutheran Church in Champaign, your gifts would be most welcome. Checks can be made out to University Lutheran Church and sent to 604 E Chalmers, Champaign, IL 61820. We will be sure to send you an acknowledgement of your gift. As always, we remain ever thankful for your prayers and kindness to University Lutheran Church.

In His Service,

Pastor Rick Milas

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